News USA Ukraine-Russia war: latest live news

Ukraine-Russia war: latest live news

Ukraine-Russia war: latest live news

What has happened in the last hours

These are the most important news at 8:00 p.m. on the 534th day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:

Ukraine reports a water leak at the Zaporizhia nuclear plant due to “Russian actions”. The Ukrainian nuclear company Energoatom has denounced a water leak in a reactor at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, a consequence of the “actions of the Russian forces”, which currently control the area. For now, the emission of radiation that could affect the environment has been ruled out. In addition, the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy has confirmed that the plant has been reconnected to the main source of electricity: that flow was suspended on Thursday, leaving only the auxiliary power supply, increasing the possibility of a blackout.

Zelenski fires all regional heads of military recruitment in cases of corruption. The President of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski, has taken a new step in the fight against corruption, one of the scourges that corrode the country. On this occasion, he has targeted his Armed Forces, at a critical moment in the counteroffensive deployed in the east of the country. Zelensky has ordered the immediate dismissal of all regional heads of military recruitment centers: “People who know exactly what war is and that cynicism and bribery during war are treason must be in charge.”

Russia launches against Ukraine 37 bombardments, 24 air raids and five missiles. Russian troops have launched five missile attacks on Friday, causing at least one death, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has reported in its daily summary. In addition to the missiles, one of which was destroyed, Moscow troops have carried out 24 air strikes and 37 shelling attacks against military targets, but also civilians, destroying residential buildings and infrastructure. “The probability of missile and air strikes remains high throughout Ukraine,” the General Staff warned.

The ruble is devalued: 99.28 per dollar. The Russian currency has touched the psychological barrier of 100 rubles per US dollar on the Moscow Stock Exchange, despite the measures implemented by the Central Bank to contain its devaluation. Thus, this Friday a dollar was exchanged for 99.28 rubles, its lowest level since March 2022.

The United States imposes new sanctions on Russian oligarchs. The United States has launched a new series of sanctions targeting Russian financial elites in connection with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. This measure focuses on four Russian oligarchs, linked to the Alfa Group, and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, specialized in the technological field.

The Russian army claims to have improved its positions in northeastern Ukraine. The Russian military claims it has again “improved” its positions in northeastern Ukraine, where an offensive by Moscow troops forced authorities to evacuate civilians from 37 towns in Kharkiv in the Kupyansk district on Thursday. “In Kupiansk, the assault units of the West combat groups (…) continued their offensive operations on a broad front and improved the tactical situation,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in its daily report.

A child is killed in a Russian airstrike in western Ukraine. A Russian missile has hit a house in the western Ukrainian region of Ivano-Frankivsk, killing an eight-year-old boy, the region’s governor and the state prosecutor’s office have reported.



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