NewsEuropeUkraine raises up to 16,000 missile attacks launched by Russia

Ukraine raises up to 16,000 missile attacks launched by Russia

Archive – Gas station burnt out after a Russian attack in Dnipro, Ukraine – -/Ukrinform/dpa – Archive

The Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksei Reznikov, has raised to 16,000 missile attacks launched by the Russian Armed Forces in the framework of the war, which began at the end of February, more than nine months ago.

According to the balance provided by Reznikov, the vast majority of Russian offensives – at least 12,300 of the attacks – have targeted urban areas and settlements on Ukrainian territory.

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Thus, with these data, the Defense Minister has indicated that around 97 percent of Russian attacks have hit civilian targets, as reported by the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN.

Of all the missile attacks, some 500 have been directed at military installations, another 250 at transportation infrastructure, and more than 220 were directed at energy facilities.

“Ukraine will win and bring war criminals to justice,” the representative of the Ukrainian Defense has asserted.


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