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    NewsWorldUkraine detects at least six Russian reconnaissance balloons flying over kyiv

    Ukraine detects at least six Russian reconnaissance balloons flying over kyiv

    Most of them have been shot down

    kyiv city. PS

    The local authorities of Kiev have reported this Wednesday that they have detected at least six Russian reconnaissance balloons in the airspace of the Ukrainian capital, most of them being shot down by the Ukrainian air forces.

    “The air defense team worked on all the targets. Most were shot down,” the Kiev Military Administration indicated in a Telegram message, adding that “the purpose” of these devices, which presumably carried “reconnaissance equipment and reflectors,” was to “exhaust” the city’s anti-aircraft defense. .

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    Shortly before, at around 3:01 p.m. (local time), the local authorities in kyiv had issued an air alert upon sighting a “enemy” air target over regional airspaceas reported by the UNIAN news agency.

    This same Wednesday, the spokesman for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Yuri Ignat, has warned that Russia would be launching balloons with reflectors that reflect light towards the point from which they are viewed, thus dazzling the observer for distraction purposes.

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