News Ukraine Ukraine claims it has killed 40 Russians near Mariupol

Ukraine claims it has killed 40 Russians near Mariupol

Ukraine-Russia War

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have reported this Monday the death of 40 Russian soldiers in an attack in which a company of battle tanks in the Mariupol region, in southern Ukraine, would have been destroyed.

Members of the Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian paramilitary group allied with the Army, would have inflicted “enormous losses” in this attack in which six armored combat vehicles have also been destroyed.

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“In addition, the allied forces have seized documentation from the occupants of the Kremlin with a list of personnel from this unit and their addresses,” explains the Ukrainian military statement. “Mariupol resists and the enemy will lie on our land,” he has said.

Glory to Ukraine!”, concludes the text, published on Facebook and collected by the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform.

This same Monday, the commander of the Azov Battalion, Denis Prokopenko, has reiterated the call for the imposition of a no-fly zone over Ukraine and has denounced Russian attacks against the civilian population and infrastructure.

Prokopenko has denounced the “genocide” of the population of Mariupol due to the interruption of the supply of water, electricity, gas and food in the middle of winter.

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