News Europe Twitter suspends Portuguese far-right leader Andre Ventura’s profile for “spreading hate.”

Twitter suspends Portuguese far-right leader Andre Ventura’s profile for “spreading hate.”

Andre Ventura

The social network Twitter has suspended this Wednesday definitively the profile of the leader of the Portuguese far-right Chega party, Andre Ventura, for “spreading hatred”.

According to a message shared by Ventura himself with the Portuguese agency Lusa, the social network has explained that the account “has been suspended and will not be reinstated because it has violated Twitter’s terms of use, especially those rules against the propagation and conduct of hate.”

“It is against our rules to promote violence, directly attack, or threaten others because of their race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, disability or disease,” Twitter lists in this note, in which it notes if “the primary purpose” of an account is to harm another based on these categories, “it may be suspended without notice.”

While Twitter has not specified the content or messages that would have prompted this response, Ventura says that “evidently” it has been a publication in which he shared an image of the attacks on the editorial office of the satirical weekly ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in Paris with the message “only Chega understands the risks of uncontrolled Islamic immigration”.

Ventura has advanced that “probably” he will go to Justice to resolve this “attack on democracy” and protested against the fact that “one cannot speak of the dangers of Islamic immigration, or of gypsies attacking the hospital of Famalicão”, in reference to the aggressions suffered by a watchman and several members of the medical staff of this center on Tuesday.

“What happened early this morning at the Hospital of Vila Nova de Famalicão should make those who say that in Portugal there is no problem with the Gypsies blush with shame. It is there for all to see,” Ventura grumbled in a message that included images of the bloodied health workers.

Portugal held early elections on January 30 after Prime Minister António Costa failed to win sufficient support for the budget. The Socialist leader achieved a better-than-expected result and won with an absolute majority. The other winner was Ventura, which went from one to twelve seats, thus becoming the third force in Parliament.



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