NewsAsiaTurkish secret services kill a PKK gunman in Iraq

Turkish secret services kill a PKK gunman in Iraq

File – A Turkish soldier in an operation against the PKK in northern Iraq – MINISTRY OF DEFENSE OF TURKEY – Archive

The Turkish secret services, the National Intelligence Organisation, have “eliminated” a member of a Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) guerrilla “assassin squad” identified as Vedar Aksac.

In the operation, carried out in Halifan, in the Iraqi province of Erbil, two other alleged members of the PKK have died, according to sources from the security forces quoted by the Turkish newspaper ‘Daily Sabah’.

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Aksac, alias ‘Sahan’, would be the leader of an “assassination squad” of the Kurdish group, was under surveillance and was surprised when he tried to enter a populated area, according to these sources.

Aksac, according to Turkey, belonged to the youth section of the PKK, the Revolutionary Patriotic Youth Movement (YDG-H), and fled Turkey in 2015 upon discovery. Already in the north of Iraq he received training for assassinations and carrying out bomb attacks.

Turkey announced in mid-April the start of a new offensive against the PKK in Iraqi Kurdistan, in northern Iraq, which was described by Baghdad as a “national security threat”, given that the operations were not being coordinated. .

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The Turkish Army has also repeatedly carried out military operations against the PKK and its allies in northern Syria since the ceasefire between the Government and the armed group was broken in July 2015.

Source: Europa Press


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