News World Turkey | Search for survivors against the clock

Turkey | Search for survivors against the clock

Civil protection services rescue a two-month-old baby from the rubble. She has been completely alone for 29 hours under the ruins of a collapsed building in the Turkish city of Hatay.

Few moments of relief in the midst of a catastrophe where every minute that passes is one more element of anguish for those who are looking for survivors

Peering through a crack, the rescue teams see a survivor… a 62-year-old man, Erol Hancı.

Other members of his family were saved moments before, including two sisters. A total of 7 people were at home when they were surprised in their sleep by the earthquake on Monday. For hours they were cheering each other under the rubble

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Feeling of hopelessness in the face of so much destruction.

Hour after hour, people search among the collapsed blocks with their bare hands while they wait for rescue teams to arrive with specialized equipment.

No one gives up despite the enormous task and the feared aftershocks.

At the moment, the priority is the living, there is hardly any time left for mourning

One survivor lamented that in this corner of Turkey “now there are more people under the rubble than on it.”

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