News World Tsunami alert after a new earthquake in Turkey

Tsunami alert after a new earthquake in Turkey

A new earthquake magnitude 6.4 was registered this Monday in the southern Turkish province of hataithe most affected by the earthquakes two weeks ago, causing some already damaged buildings to collapse according to some country media.

The epicenter of the tremor occurred in the south of the city of antiochaccording to data from the Kandilli observatory in Istanbul, and was also felt in neighboring countries.

The emergency teams reacted immediately to the new earthquake, checking if there were any injuries, but there is still no information on possible damage or additional victims.

The Turkish authorities have warned of the tsunami risk and they have asked the population to move away from the coast, since the water level could rise half a meter.

At least one already half-collapsed building collapsed entirely and debris from others damaged parked cars, NTV reports.

Ahmet Ovgun Ercan, a prestigious geophysicist from the Istanbul Technical University, assured the HalkTV station that this earthquake, which he estimated to last 17 seconds, is a normal phenomenon and anticipated that some already damaged buildings will have collapsed.

Lütfü Savaş, mayor of the town of Antakya, about 25 kilometers from the epicenter, said that several buildings have collapsed with people inside.

Since the earthquake on the 6th, none of the buildings in Antioquia are still habitable, but there are debris removal work teams that may have been trapped by a collapse.

In addition, many survivors are in the habit of gathering around campfires in front of collapsed buildings to assist in the identification of bodies, and may be at risk if a neighboring surviving building collapses.

“It was terrible, broken windows fell on us. Everyone ran out of the shops in a panic. In the dark you still can’t see what happened“Ugur Sahin, a reporter for the BirGün newspaper, told EFE by phone.

AFAD speaks of a second aftershock of magnitude 5.8 with an epicenter in Samandag, 18 kilometers south of Defne.

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