NewsWorldTrump Says He Will Be Arrested Tuesday, Urges Protest

Trump Says He Will Be Arrested Tuesday, Urges Protest

Trump Says He Will Be Arrested Tuesday, Urges Protest

“Protest, Take Back Our Nation”Wrote former US President Donald Trump on his Truth Social social network. That’s after saying he could be arrested on Tuesday.

Trump believes that he will be arrested in the framework of an investigation into the payment of money to the porn actress Stephanie Clifford, known as stormy danielsbasing his information – he says – on “illegal leaks from a corrupt and highly politicized Manhattan district attorney’s office that has allowed new records to be established in crimes of violence and whose leader is financed by George Soros.”

The investigation in Manhattan focuses on an alleged payment of $130,000 Stephanie Clifford during her 2016 campaign to reach the White House in order to prevent him from making public an alleged sexual relationship with the then presidential candidate.

The prosecutor’s office, according to the media, appears to be focused on falsifying the company’s business records. trump organization for how the reimbursement of that payment to former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, who said he had advanced that money to the woman, was included. An irregular economic maneuver that would have been carried out through the financial structure ofthe trump organization Trump’s company, in 2016 during the presidential election campaign.

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The ex-lawyer of Trump He met twice with the prosecutors leading the investigation, but no further details have been released.

Falsify business records It is a misdemeanor in New York, according to CNN.

That same channel pointed out this Saturday that the ex-president is expected to appear in Manhattan after the formal accusations and has advanced his intention to give a speech afterwards, something that his advisers have advised him against.

Despite the fact that the spotlight has several legal cases, it has never been prosecuted and this case would mark the first accusation for the former US president. It could also upend the 2024 presidential race, in which Trump remains a top contender for the Republicans.

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Trump’s rivals take the opportunity to campaign

Meanwhile, some of Donald Trump’s possible Republican rivals in the 2024 elections reinforced their respective candidacies this Saturday at a meeting held in South Carolina.

Among the attendees were the former US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, and the businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, who have already confirmed their electoral intentions, the former governor of Arkanas Asa Hutchinson and the senator who is studying Tim Scott.

Hutchinson made a special appeal to the evangelical community, to which he belongs, to “Let’s not pick a candidate just because he’s a Christian or a conservative. We should make sure he’s not someone who’s destroying our country.”

Ramaswamy’s speech went straight to criticizing, instead, the ruling party for “using police force to arrest an opponent”.

From the Democratic administration, the former speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi issued a statement to emphasize that “no one is above the law” and claimed that Trump’s ad is “reckless” and encourages unrest among his followers.

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Trump plans to hold his first major electoral rally next weekend in Texas and on Saturday he did not stop multiplying his calls for protest: “Our enemies are trying to intimidate me. But this is my message to them: ‘I will never give up'”he said, assuring that the opposing side tries “finish“with the country.

Source: Euronews Español


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