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Trump exploits the memory of the assault on the Capitol and warns that there will be “death and destruction” if he is finally accused

Donald Trump lives on attention and in the last week he has managed to capture a good part of it with his possible indictment in New York for a payment to silence an extramarital affair with a porn actress a few days before the presidential elections that he won in 2016.

Last week he called on his supporters to “protest” his impending arrest, which he predicted would take place on Tuesday. It was not like that – the grand jury convened by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has yet to decide on the matter – but he managed to get all the press and political representatives dedicated to the legal, prison and political future of the president.

Trump is an expert in keeping the media in suspense around his person and this Friday he did so with a statement that is impossible to separate from the assault on the Capitol on January 6. The former president and candidate for the White House again in 2024 shared a message early on Friday, around one in the morning, in which he warned of “potential death and destruction” if he is charged and arrested. He also accused the prosecutor leading the investigation, Alvin Bragg, of being a “degenerate psychopath who really hates America.”

The day before he had declared, with the same shadow of violence, that “our country is being destroyed and we are being asked to be peaceful.” These are statements that are inevitably reminiscent of those he made in the days and weeks prior to the violent day of 2021 at the headquarters of popular sovereignty, a embarrassing and tragic episode -several people died- for the oldest and most stable democracy in the world.

Trump was then accused of inciting violence – there are investigations by the Justice in this regard – and now the same thing is happening. It is evident that the former president is aware of this and considers it an optimal electoral strategy: he focuses the limelight on him, inflames his bases and bothers his Republican rivals -such as the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis-, forced to condemn the head of the party or avoid speaking out.

democrat condemnation

That is what the main Republican leaders have done this Friday after Trump’s latest statement. The speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, declared that he had already dealt with Trump’s calls for protests in previous days – he said that there should not be a protest if there is an impeachment and called for “calm” – and did not say anything else. about the warnings of “death and destruction”.

The leader of the Democratic caucus in the Lower House, Hakeem Jeffries, had no problem condemning Trump, as other leaders of his party have done. “The former president’s rhetoric is reckless, reprehensible and irresponsible,” he said at a press conference. “It’s a dangerous thing. If he keeps it, he’s going to get someone killed.”

“The former president’s rhetoric is reckless, reprehensible and irresponsible,” denounced the leader of the Democratic caucus in the Lower House, Hakeem Jeffries

Jeffries did not hesitate to connect these warnings with what happened at the Capitol. “He is primarily responsible for incite violent insurrection that happened on January 6, but it is clear that he has not learned his lesson ».

Maybe you have learned it. That episode did not deteriorate the support of her bases nor did it cause -despite timid initial reactions and some exceptions, such as that of congresswoman Liz Cheney, now cornered in the party- that the Republican leaders turned their backs on her.

Anecdotal concentrations

Trump’s calls for protests last weekend did not have much echo, except for anecdotal rallies in front of the New York courts and at his Florida residence. But they have managed to return the former president to the forefront of the media and everything indicates that he will continue to push the accelerator. This weekend has summoned a rally in waco (Texas), a place that symbolizes the abuses of state power against citizens: now marks the 30th anniversary of the confrontation between a militarized contingent of the FBI and a religious sect that killed 86 people, four of them members of the forces of security.

Trump will undoubtedly use the political rally to launch radical messages and further heat the atmosphere before the prosecution announces a decision on his indictment, which is expected next week.



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