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Trump appeals the Mar-a-Lago registry and demands an independent third party to supervise the seized documentation

File – Donald Trump. – Michael Kappeler/dpa – File

Former United States President Donald Trump has filed an appeal against the search of his mansion in Mar-a-Lago and has asked the judge to appoint an independent third party to supervise the handling of the documents that were seized after the operation he carried out the FBI on his property two weeks ago.

The tycoon’s lawsuit also requires that the documentation seized by the Department of Justice be returned to him, it is not part of the court order, since, according to him, it was “too broad.” In turn, he has also asked that the actions of the Prosecutor’s Office be considered “surprisingly aggressive.”

The court filing also includes a message from Trump himself to the United States Attorney General, Merrick Garland, in which he assures that after having been listening to the opinion of several people throughout the county on the raid, “there is a word that describes” their state of mind, “anger”.

“The tension and the pressure is building. Anything I can do to reduce this tension, to reduce the pressure, let us know,” says one message, accompanied by another criticizing Garland for using the law as ” a weapon for political purposes,” says NBC.

On August 8, a group of FBI agents broke into the luxurious mansion of former President Trump in Palm Beach, Florida, taking around twenty boxes full of folders with classified documentation, some of them with the top secret label.

Source: Europa Press



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