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    EntertainmentTom Schwartz sat on top notes on Fence's 'Vanderpump' cheating scandal

    Tom Schwartz sat on top notes on Fence’s ‘Vanderpump’ cheating scandal

    Tom Schwartz sat on top notes on Fence’s ‘Vanderpump’ cheating scandal

    Thomas SandovalBusiness partner, tom schwarzSo far he hasn’t said anything about the cheating scandal, but now he’s breaking his silence… and boy, is he trying to walk the fine line.

    LAX caught up with Schwartz on Saturday where the guy seemed open and willing to talk about anything… his first time speaking publicly on this topic that has gone on for almost 2 weeks. Interestingly, he looks quite cheerful here.

    Schwartz says that Sandoval knows he’s disappointed…and he (Schwartz) is sorry to everyone involved, saying it’s a bad situation by all accounts. That is putting it mildly!

    Schwartz avoids Sandoval or throws raul lewis Under the bus… show some outside support. ariana maddix, who was Unfaithful. He says that he has a good support system around him and believes that he will go on the “journey of his life”.

    As for whether Schwartz knew this was going on before it went public…he plays his cards close to the door and of course makes fun of the show and tells people to tune in. He does one thing. Let me clarify… the whole saga has greatly affected the business.

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    There were reports this week that TomTom’s liquor license was revoked amid all the drama, but it’s unclear what that has to do with TomAriana/Rahul. Anyway, Tom and all of Tom’s businesses have come under a lot of scrutiny in the last few days.

    However, let us return to Schwartz. He says that he thinks things will be fine in the long run and he’s taking things day by day. Good attitude… he thought is dragged the same.


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