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    TechnologyTim Berners-Lee mistrusts Web3 for web decentralization and opts for Solid

    Tim Berners-Lee mistrusts Web3 for web decentralization and opts for Solid

    Archive – Tim Berners-Lee, creator of WWW during his presentation at Web Summit 2021 – Pedro Fiuza/ZUMA Press Wire/dpa – Archive

    Computer scientist and father of the World Wide Web (WWW), Tim Berners-Leehas said that he does not trust Web3 for the decentralization of the web and has insisted on his personal project Solid as a solution so that the information stop being in the hands of certain technological platforms.

    Berners-Lee recently pointed out at the Web Summit conference in Lisbon (Portugal) that technology companies “they control the world and manipulate people by providing information”, in statements to EuroNews Next, and collected by Europa Press, in which he has recognized that currently “there are many things that are wrong on the Web”.

    The scientist has spent years trying to create a free and decentralized web where information is open and does not depend on large technology companies. Precisely Web3 advocates for this characteristic of open infrastructurewith open source ‘software’, so that all users can participate in its development.

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    It should be remembered in this sense that within Web3 the application of the ‘blockchain’ coexists for the democratization of the web, the metaverse and the use of non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs.

    However, the creator of the WWW believes that the chain of blocks is not the solution to this problem and that one must “understand what the terms really mean” that are being discussed, beyond the buzzwords.

    “It’s a real shame that the Ethereum folks have taken the Web3 name for things that are carrying out with ‘blockchain’. In fact, Web3 is not the web in any way,” he criticized at this meeting, according to reports from CNBC.

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    “Blockchain protocols they are too slow, too expensive and too public. Data warehouses have to be fast, cheap and private”, he commented at this meeting, where he criticized the fact that it is essential that the Web stop being in the hands of big technology companies and proposed an alternative.

    Is about Solid, a project included among the proposals of his ‘startup’, Inrupt, with which he tries to redesign the functioning of the internet by building a platform that gives users control of your datawhich he already unveiled in 2018.

    Solid is then based on three pillars: a universal registration or login that works everywhere, one ID for each user and a universal application programming interface (API), which allows these users access data from other services.

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    Is breakout platform It works this way because users can store their personal data in Personal Online Data Stores (PODs), which are interoperable. with decentralized applications and can be undocked based on user preferences.

    The creator himself has commented that he has used Solid to store his information and files, such as documents, photographs, music and IoT data, among others, according to VentureBeat, which indicates that this platform is already is compatible with government services, among other clients.

    As reported by FastCompany, these PODS are used by the Government of Flanders (Belgium) as the basis for the entire digital economy in the region, while the British channel BBC began to use them to promote a function that collects data for users about their consumption habits and content recommendations.


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