NewsEuropeTikTok is exposed to a fine of 64,700 euros in Russia for feminist and LGTBI "propaganda"

TikTok is exposed to a fine of 64,700 euros in Russia for feminist and LGTBI “propaganda”

Pride Day march in Warsaw, Poland. – ALEKSANDER KALKA / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO

The social network TikTok faces a fine of four million rubles (about 64,700 euros) for not removing content from its platform that, according to Russian law, promotes “values ​​contrary to tradition”, such as feminism and LGTBI rights, as a Moscow court has pointed out.

Judge Timur Vajrameev, of the Taganski district, has said that this Tuesday the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications and Media –Roskomnadzor– has filed a complaint against the aforementioned social network for “propaganda of non-traditional values”, as well as for “undermining traditional sexual values”.

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The next hearing of the case will resume on October 4. The financial penalty of four million rubles is the largest that a company that refuses to remove content prohibited by law can face, according to Russian news agencies.

The one that has been sentenced to pay three million rubles (about 50,000 dollars) is the Twitch platform for refusing to delete an interview with the advisor to the Ukrainian Presidency, Alexei Arestovich.

The company was found guilty of promoting false information about the invasion of Ukraine, which Russia knows as a “special operation”, and refusing to rectify it.

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Source: Europa Press


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