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    HealthThis secret Apple project could completely revolutionize the healthcare industry

    This secret Apple project could completely revolutionize the healthcare industry

    Apple could have achieved a revolutionary advance in a secret project in which they have been immersed for years and that would put the Cupertino firm in a privileged place in the health industry, according to Bloomberg.

    It is a monitor capable of continuously measuring a person’s blood glucose levels without needing to prick him. To do this, the Apple device would use spectroscopy, a measurement process that is based on the wavelengths of light to ultimately determine glucose levels.

    The device, which is called the E5, has been in development for years in a totally secret way. So many that the project even began under the baton of Steve Jobs.

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    The project is part of the company’s Exploratory Design Group (XDG), one of the Cupertino firm’s most secretive initiatives. According to Bloomberg fewer people are involved in the E5 project than in its potential self-driving car or mixed-reality headset.

    Before E5 was incorporated into XDG, the project operated under the name of Avolonte Health LLC, a cover to keep the project hidden.

    Avolonte was reportedly headquartered in Palo Alto, California, near Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, and its members wore Avolonte badges rather than Apple ones.

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    In this way they kept their true relationship with the Cupertino firm a secret, they carried out the project in the most secret way possible with trials with humans, patients and various associations with other companies.

    Not surprisingly, Apple’s ultimate goal is to incorporate this revolutionary monitor into its Apple Watch. If this project comes to fruition, the company would carve out a huge niche in a multi-billion dollar industry where approximately 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes and prick their skin to control their glucose levels.

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    Apple has not commented on these rumors.


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