HealthThis is the secret technique of the CIA that is used to eliminate any type of pain

This is the secret technique of the CIA that is used to eliminate any type of pain

If you want your pain to go away, maybe you should try this alleged declassified CIA techniquerevived by several tiktokers Anglo-Saxons and that has gone viral on said social network, as collected LAD Bible.

The recommendation using the CIA technique against pain has been posted by TikTok users as Stephanie Forlini (@stephanieamber07), who is used to posting this type of content, and others like @Spiritualascension5d, who called it really “interesting”.

So you can practice the strange technique of the CIA against pain

The peculiar method that would theoretically have been put into practice by the intelligence services is very easy to develop: in reality, it only consists of 2 simple steps.

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Stephanie Forlini In his video, he provides a screenshot of a declassified CIA document that details the steps of the technique, arguing that “it is essentially used to expand consciousness and get you to interact with non-physical energies.”

Forlini’s video is close to a million likes. The tiktoker Explain that you belong to the program star gate of the CIA, focused on the investigation of paranormal matters applied to espionage, closed, whose documents were declassified in 1995.

To put it into practice you must do the following:

  • Visualize the part of the body that hurts
  • Repeat a number: 55515
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The paper states that The person should close their eyes and focus on the place that is the source of the pain signals and repeat the number 55515 in their minds. “When you do these 2 things, the pain signals will slowly decrease until they are no longer important.”

The other user, known on TikTok as @Spiritualascension5d notes the importance of “focusing on the part of the body that is in pain with the mind’s eye.” In Eastern traditions, It is known as the third eye.


“Then they keep telling you to repeat the numbers 55515 until the pain is no longer in your consciousness,” he explains.

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After what the trend went viral on TikTok, several users pointed out that it works. Other CIA techniques exposed in the document focus on reducing the emotional load or contributing to a better rest.

To reduce the emotional load it is recommended Inhale deeply, hold your breath, think of a calming color of green, and exhale slowly.. “Green energy will push all excessive and harmful emotional charges down through your physical system and out through the soles of your feet,” the report notes.

To achieve a restful sleep, a simple technique consists of lie down comfortably, take 5 deep breaths and count from 1 to 20.


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