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    TechnologyThis is the peculiar gift that Apple gives its employees when they celebrate 10 years in the company

    This is the peculiar gift that Apple gives its employees when they celebrate 10 years in the company

    Although it is less common today for workers to stay with the same company for a decade—or even their entire career— many companies continue to give gifts to their employees on special dates such as major work anniversaries.

    At Apple, employees who have been at the same company for at least 10 years receive a peculiar gift: The company presents them with a square piece of aluminum, a polishing cloth, and a note signed by CEO Tim Cook, according to a recent video by YouTuber DongleBookPro showing the unboxing process, or unboxing.

    the gift is thick block of aluminum with a huge stainless steel Apple logo. Called havecomes with a note, signed by Cook at the bottom, which reads as follows.

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    “Congratulations on reaching this milestone. The work you’ve done, the challenges you’ve overcome, and the breakthroughs you’ve made possible are a profound and lasting contribution to Apple’s mission to improve the world. On behalf of everyone at Apple, thank you for everything you bring to our journey together.”

    The block comes with an Apple polishing cloth, which it drew attention when it was introduced in 2021 for its price of $19.

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    A note from Apple on the package says that the gift is made from the same 6000 series aluminum used to make the company’s products. On the side of the block, the number 10 appears to symbolize the anniversary date, as well as the name of the employee and the date on which he completed a decade working for those from Cupertino.

    Take a look at the award in this video:

    Apple did not immediately respond to Apple’s request for comment. Business Insider.


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