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This hydrogen-powered hypersonic plane will reduce flights from Europe to Australia to 4 hours

More and more companies in the aeronautical sector They focus their efforts on getting to travel the world in the shortest possible time.

This is the case of destinya Swiss startup that wants to reduce the 20 hours it takes to get from Europe to Australia on a normal commercial plane to just 4 hours, and will do so with a hydrogen-powered hypersonic passenger plane, reports euronews.

The shortest commercial flight in the world: 90 seconds between takeoff and landing

Hydrogen energy is being extensively researched and developed in recent years, especially for its environmental benefits.

The company has been testing its prototype aircraft for the past 2 years, and at the end of 2022 it announced that the test flights of Eiger, its second prototype, had been a success.

Destinus has been selected to participate in the Aeronautical Technology Plan (PTA) project) managed by the Center for Technological Development and Innovation of Spain (CDTI) to develop the first hydrogen-powered aircraft engine. The forecast, according to Aerospace News, is to carry out the first tests in 2025.

This research program is co-financed with a government grant provided by the Next Generation funds of the European Commission.

With a current global investment of 12 million euros, the project —in which companies and technology centers participate, as well as Spanish universities— focuses on the design and construction of a test bench for hydrogen-powered engines with unique characteristics at a global level. European, in order to carry out the engine tests that Destinus will use in its aircraft.

“Access to these EU recovery funds is essential to conduct advanced research and accelerate the innovation needed to be competitive on a global scale,” said Davide Bonetti, Destinus’ vice president of business and product development, adding that with these grants, hydrogen-based solutions for aeronautical mobility will be one step closer to becoming a reality.

Destinus partnered with Spanish engine manufacturer ITP Aero in June 2022 to develop a hydrogen engine test facility. The Spanish government grant will finance the construction of a test facility near Madrid where air-breathing hydrogen engines will be put to the test.

On the other hand, the Swiss startup leads the national project for the development of a propulsion system powered by liquid renewable hydrogen for air mobilitywhich is part of the hydrogen PERTE, managed by the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE).



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