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    NewsLatin AmericaThey assassinate the candidate for mayor of Puerto López, Ecuador, a few hours before the elections

    They assassinate the candidate for mayor of Puerto López, Ecuador, a few hours before the elections

    (CNN Spanish) — A few hours before the start of electoral day in Ecuador, the political movement Revolución Ciudadana reported that Omar Menéndez, candidate for mayor of Puerto López, Manabí province, was murdered this Saturday night.

    Through its Twitter account, the correista movement condemned the attack on Menendez.

    “Our comrade Omar Menéndez, candidate for Mayor of Puerto López, was assassinated on the night of this Saturday, February 4, 2023. We denounce the fact and demand that the authorities investigate and punish them. Unheard of that the country continues to bleed to death. Enough!”, specified the Citizen Revolution movement.

    Ecuadorian candidate assassinated

    Credit: Twitter @MashiRafael

    The former President of the Republic, Rafael Correa, who leads the Revolución Ciudadana movement, repudiated the act and regretted that the candidate of his political organization was assassinated a few hours before the sectional elections and the referendum on February 5.

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    “They have just murdered our winning candidate for mayor of Puerto López, Omar Menéndez. The homeland falls apart. A hug to his family and to all the companions of Manabí ”, wrote Belt.

    The provincial delegation of the Electoral Council of Manabí regretted the crime perpetrated against the candidate Menéndez and issued a note on his death.

    “We express our feeling of regret at the death of Omar Menéndez, candidate for mayor of the Puerto López canton. May he rest in peace!” he posted.

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    Aparicio Caicedo, advisor to the government of Guillermo Lasso, also spoke out about the crime.

    “I am infinitely sorry for the tragic death of Omar Menéndez, an exemplary entrepreneur from Puerto López. A good and visionary man whom I had the pleasure of meeting. My sincere condolences to his family and friends, ”he emphasized.

    The candidate for the Guayas Prefecture and member of the Citizen Revolution movement, Marcela Aguiñaga, lamented the death of Menéndez and affirmed that, in a violent environment in the country, the lives of the candidates are exposed.

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    “They murdered our comrade Omar Menéndez, candidate for mayor of Puerto López. My deepest condolences to his relatives and to the Manabitas. In this context of insecurity we have some sectionals where our lives, like those of many Ecuadorians, are in danger,” warned Aguiñaga.

    The murder of Menéndez is not the only one prior to the sectional elections this Sunday. On January 22, the Police confirmed the murder of Julio César Farachio, candidate for mayor of Salinas during a proselytizing event.

    In recent months there have also been attacks against at least two candidates for one of the dignities that will be elected this Sunday.


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