LifestyleThese are the best non-alcoholic beers you can buy according to the OCU

These are the best non-alcoholic beers you can buy according to the OCU

Update 02/25/2023: we’ve made improvements to article visibility. We have also added two new beers that, according to the OCUso great to buy today.

If you like the taste of beer, but you cannot or should not drink alcohol due to health or medical recommendation, a good alternative is the non-alcoholic beers.

This type is gaining ground in Spain and, according to the latest Socioeconomic Report of the Beer Sector in our country, prepared by the employers’ association Cerveceros de España in 2021, it already accounts for 15% of per capita consumption in Spain.

It is important not to confuse 0.0 with the without. The regulations state that a Sin beer has an alcohol content of less than 1% in volume. That is, it can carry a quantity of alcohol, even if it is very little.

However, 0,0 o’clock are only allowed maximum 0.04%. In other words, if they carry it, it is a very small amount, so it can tell you that they have practically nothing.

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To know what they are the best non-alcoholic beers We can refer to a study carried out by the OCU. The consumer association usually makes analyzes and comparisons of beverage and food products in a neutral way and evaluating different aspects.

In any case, here we give you a brief summary with the non-alcoholic ones that have been best rated.

Index of contents:

Galician Star 0.0%

The OCU has chosen this beer as the best non-alcoholic in Spain after exhaustive analysis.

In question of taste the 0.0 proposal from Hijos de Rivera SA obtains 66 out of 100.

This beer has convinced the organization due to its aroma, the quality of its processing and its manufacturing process. In the final note, take a 78 out of 100.

Galician Star 0.0%

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Saint Michael 0.0%

San Miguel beer 0 0

The second most valued 0.0 beer also gets a final score of 76, although it is somewhat inferior in its taste. Amazon gives it a 62 out of 100 on this one.

San Miguel has done a good job in terms of its aromas, processing quality and being a product with food safety guarantees.

Saint Michael 0.0%

Alhambra special without alcohol

Alhambra beer Without

This is the first Sin that appears on the list and the best in Spainaccording to the study.

Although it gets a fairly low score on the label (only 30 out of 100), its final grade reaches 75 out of 100 thanks to its good work on aromas, food safety and processing quality.

Alhambra special without alcohol

Cruzcampo 0.0%

Cruzcampo beer 0 0

The best valued beers have another proposal with this 0.0 from Cruzcampo which obtains a final average grade of 62 points.

Its greatest value is the quality of the processing, but it obtains a very low score in additives and aromas.

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Cruzcampo 0.0%

amstel 0.0%

amstel 0.0%

The beer 0.0 that has Amstel It is also among the best valued, since its score in this OCU comparison is 61.

The ingredients are water, barley malt, hop extract and natural aroma.

amstel 0.0%

Star Levante Beer 0.0%

Star Levante Beer 0.0%

The Star Levante Beer 0.0% It is not a well-known beer, but it obtains a score of 61, through the OCU.

It is made with malted barley in our factory, accentuating its aroma with fresh hops, to have a light and refreshing finish.

Star Levante Beer 0.0%

All these beers have demonstrated their quality by being in the top 6 of the OCU report.

These non-alcoholic beers are well worth it. If you try them, tell us on social networks what you think of each one of them.


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