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These are the airlines where you are most likely to have trouble getting your money back if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

These are the airlines where you are most likely to have trouble getting your money back if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

“Flight delayed” or “Flight cancelled”: These are words that no one wants to read at the beginning of their summer vacation, and they can spoil your mood before you even get on the plane.

Flight delays and cancellations are annoying and there are certain airlines that are leaders in this an assessment by Flightright, an air passenger rights portal, shows.

According to the report, some airlines also cause problems when paying the compensation stipulated by law. According to Flighright, the culprits are not necessarily low-cost airlines.

One number is especially daunting: 20% of all flights suffered delays in the first half of 2023.

The undisputed leader in the ranking of cancellations and delays is British Airways. Around 3.3% of its flights were canceled in the first half of the year, and 36.57% arrived at their destination with a delay of at least 15 minutes. According to Flightright, only Turkish Airlines reached a higher value in terms of delayswith 38.31% of its flights delayed in the first semester.

However, there are many other airlines that do not fare well in the ranking either: Lufthansa’s subsidiary Cityline ranks second, Eurowings third, and Lufthansa itself fifth, with between 2.6 and 2% of cancellations are due – especially at Eurowings – in part to strikes.

As for delays, Lufthansa has a high 28.9%, while Eurowings has only suffered delays in 2.55% of flights during the first half.

Low-cost airline Ryanair, for its part, fared comparatively well in the ranking: there were only 0.55% cancellations and 17% delays of the total of some 455,000 flights.

In the ranking there are only 3 Spanish airlines: Vueling is in 18th place, with 0.7% cancellations and 12.2% delays in its 100,000 flights. Iberia only has 0.06% cancellations and 11.54% delays in a total of 85,500 flights; while the Canary Island Binter barely had 0.03% cancellations and 7.5% delays in its 38,000 flights.

What to do if the flight is delayed or canceled

Under current EU law, in addition to the refund of the ticket price, you are entitled to compensation. This is the case if your flight is delayed by at least 3 hours or if it is canceled less than 14 days before departure. You can receive between 250 and 600 euros, regardless of the price of the ticket.

Compensation for delayed flight: in which cases it can be claimed and how to do it

However, not all airlines are always willing to pay this compensation, as the Flightright evaluation demonstrates. TAP Portugal, Eurowings, Airfrance and KLM manage the process particularly reliably. According to Flighright, they pay a relevant percentage of cases in a “reasonable period” of about three months.

Some airlines are quite a bit slower in this regard, Flightright says. Among them are Easyjet, Ryanair, Wizzair, Lufthansa and Condor. As a general rule, however, these airlines comply with the required compensations.

Things can get tough with 3 airlines in particular, Flighright says: British Airways, Turkish Airlines and Vueling. These airlines sometimes pay nothing, according to Flightright.



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