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The year of horror of Andrei Kurkov, the Ukrainian writer who narrated the invasion day by day

today is fulfilled one year since the fire grayed the Ukrainian sky. One year since Putin decided to launch a military operation that had already been brewing for weeks on the border with Ukraine. A war that opens our newscasts and newspaper front pages every day. A war that has already left the death of more than 6,900 civilians and eight million displaced Ukrainians.

Since then, many have been the brave ones who have recounted the horrors that have happened inside the Ukrainian borders. All senses put in the country to describe the situation.

Andrei Kurkov has been one of the main disseminators of the ukrainian reality. He was born in Leningrad, today Saint Petersburg, on a book day in 1961. Hence, perhaps, his vocation as a writer. The author can no longer set foot on Russian territory. He can’t and doesn’t want to. He has been on the Kremlin’s blacklist since 2005. The year in which he published “The President’s Last Love”, with Putin as the protagonist, which is why the state censored his work. Finally, in 2008, his books stopped being published in Russia.

Writer and journalist Andrei Kurkov

With more than nineteen published novels, he has given talks about the war for Europe since the beginning of it. In her work, she describes and denounces the horrors inside her country’s border. Today, February 24, the day that marks one year since that Russian invasion of Ukraine that marked our year, Kurkov, put words to horrorHe puts words to suffering, to what has happened and what is about to happen, but above all, he speaks on behalf of his land and his family from the heart.



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