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    GamingThe Witcher Remake: a "modern reinterpretation" of the original game, CD Projekt Red gives info

    The Witcher Remake: a “modern reinterpretation” of the original game, CD Projekt Red gives info

    The Witcher Remake: a "modern reinterpretation" of the original game, CD Projekt Red gives info

    It is always useful to take a look at the slides of a financial report because the editors can sometimes slip in some interesting information. The proof with the latest quarterly results from CD Projet Red which contain major data concerning the remake of The Witcher. Indeed, we learn that the game will be a “modern reinterpretation” of the original version, and above all, that it will take place in an open-world. A major difference compared to the 2007 opus, the Polish developers having naturally acquired a solid experience in this area since The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which was the first episode of the series to try the open world.

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    The Witcher Remake

    We remind you that CD Projekt Red is not working directly on The Witcher Remake, the project having been entrusted to the Polish studio Fool’s Theory which notably participated in the development of Outriders and Baldur’s Gate 3, and which is currently working on Project Vitriol, the name code of an RPG based on a completely new license. “The collaboration with Fool’s Theory on the project is equally exciting, since some people there have been involved in the development of The Witcher games.had assured the boss Adam Badowski at the time of the formalization. They know the source material well, they know how much gamers expect this kind of recreation, and they know how to make ambitious and incredible games.“A way like any other to reassure the fans.

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    The same Adam Badowski had also made it clear that we wouldn’t have any news about the game for quite a while, and that it would run on the Unreal Engine 5, just like the next The Witcher 4. Until all that happens, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will host a next-gen update on December 14 to benefit from the latest graphical and technical improvements on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5.


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