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    NewsWorldThe war in Ukraine takes its toll on mental health

    The war in Ukraine takes its toll on mental health

    About a year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the war has a devastating effect on mental health. Anxiety, insomnia, depression, post-traumatic stress, guilt and a lot of fear… The suicide support line attends thousands of people every day. Half of the population needs psychological help and experts predict that “the effects will cross generations.”

    Half of the population needs psychological help

    Oleg Berezyuk is a psychiatrist: “Half a year ago we were still assimilating what was happening. But a few months ago we began to understand that people need to be sure that someone will help them.”

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    The war would have caused an exodus of about 4 million Ukrainians

    Psychotic disorders and neurosis are aggravated by a war that has caused the exodus of 10% of the population. Many patients do not know how to continue living…

    My relatives died here. My neighbors and a friend died in the war. And another friend joined the Army there“, laments a Ukrainian woman; while another states that although “On November 11, the liberation took place in Kherson, there is still a lot of violence there every day.”

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    The Russian invasion has left Ukrainians mentally exhausted

    A Ukrainian soldier shows his enlistment card revealing great sadness and psychological exhaustion: “Well, there is emotional exhaustion in this regard. You want to win the war as soon as possible and end the terrorist regime“.

    Added to the trauma and grief is a feeling of vulnerability and uncertainty due to a war that no one knows when it will end.

    Source: Euronews Español


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