Entertainment The Victorian born and raised wrestler made her wrestling debut on Sunday.

The Victorian born and raised wrestler made her wrestling debut on Sunday.

Chelsea Green was born and raised in Victoria and this weekend will make her debut at one of the biggest wrestling events in Los Angeles, WrestleMania.

The journey to the ring began when Chelsea decided to spend her life savings on a wrestling school instead of paying for a house in the city.

Years later, it has proven to be a life-changing decision.

His journey to WrestleMania began at a school in Calgary, run by Canadian wrestling legend Lance Stam. After paying his dues on the minor league circuits, his big break came when he starred in a WWE reality show.

Chelsea Green told CHEK News that she is ready to do her best and take advantage of the opportunity.

“It feels completely surreal. Not only is it surreal to be here in Los Angeles and at WrestleMania, but it’s surreal to represent Canada and Vancouver Island.

Chelsea’s mother, Sally Green, is looking forward to seeing her daughter on the big screen, but admits she is sometimes a little concerned about the physical abuse wrestlers take when in the ring.

“Although I shouldn’t be nervous because they’re more experienced, I’m a little more nervous because she’s on a higher level,” says Sally Green.

Chelsea Green wants everyone in her hometown to know when she steps into the ring this Sunday that she’s not fighting for herself and her family, she’s fighting for Vancouver Island, British Columbia and all of Canada.

WrestleMania takes place this year at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. The hugely successful event kicks off this Saturday at 4:30pm and runs through Sunday night.

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