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The US sends its main National Security adviser to the Bogota summit on Venezuela

US President Joe Biden will send his top national security adviser as part of his entourage to next week’s summit on the crisis in Venezuela in Bogota.

The White House reported this Saturday that Jon Finer, President Joe Biden’s main national security adviser, will travel to Colombia on April 25 to lead the US delegation to the international conference on Venezuela, Convened by the President of ColombiaGustavo Petro.

The Biden administration’s entourage will also be made up of the special adviser to the president for the Americas, Chris Dodd, and the director of the National Security Council for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Juan Gonzalez, added in a release released to the press by the spokeswoman for that council, Adrienne Watson.

The announcement occurs two days after the meeting at the white house between the presidents of the United States and Colombia. According to Petro, the holding of an international summit in Bogota will serve to seek concrete steps so that there is in Venezuela “more democracy, zero economic sanctions” against the government of Nicolas Maduro, a message that the Colombian president did not hesitate to move to Washington during your visit.

Representatives of at least 15 countries around the world are expected to attend the summit on Tuesday in order to unblock the dialogue and seek a prompt solution to the already protracted political and socioeconomic crisis in Venezuela, Colombia’s neighbor.

The conference will not have the presence of delegates from the Madurista government or the bloc of political parties that oppose it, known as the Unitary Platform.

Between democracy and sanctions

The Venezuelan opposition plans to meet this weekend with President Petro in Colombia, however. Anti-Chavismo insisted this week that the Colombian president’s formula should favor the Maduro government showing signs of democratic openness and electoral guarantees before easing sanctions.

Analysts stress that the United States is a key actor in the political dialogue on Venezuela since it has executed “more than 900” economic sanctions and visa restrictions against individuals and institutions of the Maduro government in the last 7 years, according to the ruling party.

This Friday, the State Department commented to the voice of america that the negotiation of Mexico, facilitated by the Kingdom of Norway, is “the best path for the restoration of democracy that Venezuelans deserve”, through “free and fair” elections.

Also, he stressed that they have reiterated their willingness to review their sanctions policy in Venezuela only in response to “constructive steps” by the Maduro government and if the political parties achieve “a significant process” in the negotiations in Mexico.

The State Department also stated that it will have no qualms about “taking action” if the Maduro government does not negotiate in good faith or breaches the commitments made.

The last time that the delegations of Chavismo and the Venezuelan opposition They talked in Mexico City It was at the end of November last year, that is, 6 months ago. So, agreed to create a fund for social aid to Venezuelans of at least 3,000 million dollars. This agreement has not been implemented in practice.

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