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    NewsLatin AmericaThe US Justice revokes the bail for the former president of Peru Alejandro Toledo

    The US Justice revokes the bail for the former president of Peru Alejandro Toledo

    (CNN Spanish) — A federal judge in California revoked the bail for former Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo on Thursday and granted him until March 1 for the defense to respond to this order, according to court documents. Once the response is received, the US Justice has until March 6 to decide if he is detained preventively.

    Toledo has been under house arrest in California since 2019 in response to an extradition request sent to the US in May 2018.

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    The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office reported this Tuesday that the United States Department of State granted the extradition of the former president.

    Prosecutor Stephanie Hinds argued Wednesday that he should be taken into the custody of the US Marshals Service so that the government can extradite him to Peru.

    The former president is required by the Peruvian Justice for charges of collusion and money laundering. At the time, Toledo denied the accusations and called them political persecution.

    CNN has tried to contact the former president’s defense to find out his position but has not yet received a response.

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    This Wednesday Ned Price, spokesman for the US Department of State, said that he does not “deny the internal process”, but that he would not comment further on the subject since extraditions correspond to the Department of Justice, and they are the ones who they should pronounce. CNN contacted the Justice Department and responded that it would not comment.

    According to the Peruvian authorities, Toledo, who ruled the country between 2001 and 2006, would have received up to US$30 million in alleged bribes from the construction company Odebrecht to favor the Brazilian company when doing business in the country.

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