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The United States warned Russia for months about the consequences of nuclear weapons

Archive – Archive image of the test of a Russian hypersonic missile – RUSSIA DEFENSE MINISTRY / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHO

The United States has been sending private communications to Russia for several months in which it warns the Kremlin of the “serious consequences” that the use of a nuclear weapon would have, according to US officials and ‘The Washington Post’.

With these messages, the Biden Administration would have tried to deliberately maintain what is known as a nuclear deterrent, advocating that Moscow be concerned about the way in which Washington could respond in the event that it carries out an attack of this type, according to the officials, who are have expressed on condition of anonymity.

The attempt to remind Russia of the consequences of a nuclear war comes at a time when Russia continues to intensify its rhetoric about the possible use of weapons of mass destruction and in the midst of a partial mobilization of its population aimed at stopping the Ukrainian counteroffensive in northeastern Ukraine.

So far it has not transpired whether the United States has sent new messages since this new escalation of tension in the war in Ukraine began, according to the aforementioned newspaper.

Source: Europa Press



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