NewsUSAThe United States sanctions the Vice President of Paraguay for alleged corruption

The United States sanctions the Vice President of Paraguay for alleged corruption

File – A woman searches through the garbage next to a vehicle on a street in Asuncion, Paraguay – ANDRE M. CHANG / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO

The Government of the United States has included the Vice President of Paraguay, Hugo Velazquez, on its blacklist for alleged corruption, within the framework of the political pressure that the Joe Biden Administration has been exerting to penalize the alleged irregularities of the Paraguayan high spheres.

The US ambassador to Paraguay, Marc Ostielf, confirmed at a press conference that Velazquez, the Colorado Party’s presidential candidate, heads a list of “significantly corrupt” officials in the eyes of Washington, according to the ABC Color newspaper.

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The United States accuses Velazquez and former prosecutor Juan Carlos Duarte of offering a bribe to hinder an investigation against the vice president. The measures adopted this Friday affect both them and their respective families.

The ‘number two’ of Mario Abdo Benitez thus joins a list that also included in July the name of former President Horacio Cartes, who is prohibited from entering the United States as a result of these sanctions. Before, the North American Administration had already pointed out other representatives of the political and judicial system of the South American country.

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