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The United States refuses to speculate on the person responsible for the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines

Gas leak from the Nord Stream 1 pipeline – Europa Press/Contact/Danish Defense Ministry

The United States has shown this Wednesday its refusal to speculate on who is responsible for the “apparent acts of sabotage” in relation to the Nord Stream gas pipelines after gas leaks in the Baltic Sea.

This was announced in a press conference by the spokesman for the US State Department, Ned Price, assuring that the country has “more questions than answers at this time.”

“We are going to allow the investigation to develop before we start to propose theories or hypotheses,” Price said, asked if the sabotage would reach the level of a violation of NATO article 5.

However, Price has pointed out that “Russia has a long history of spreading disinformation”, something that it could “be doing again” after the sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines.

However, the State Department has indicated that an investigation such as the one that will have to be carried out after the sabotage of the gas pipelines “could take time”, since “the nature of the underwater investigation” could complicate it.

“The United States has offered assistance for any environmental response, but we have not yet received any requests for such assistance from our Danish partners,” Price added.

For his part, the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, spoke with his Danish counterpart on Wednesday and offered his support after the leak in the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

“If there is any support they need, we are there for them,” said a Pentagon official in statements collected by CNN.

“We are, like several other countries, with capabilities that could certainly help,” the senior military official said, “but we have not been asked to do so.”

Source: Europa Press



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