NewsEuropeThe UN warns the EU of the "long-term consequences" of investing in fossil fuels

The UN warns the EU of the “long-term consequences” of investing in fossil fuels

Archive – Infrastructure of the Nord Streeam in Lubmin, Germany – Jens Buttner/dpa – File

The UN Human Rights office sees “understandable” that the countries of the European Union are announcing investments in infrastructure and fossil fuel supplies to alleviate a possible energy crisis, but has recalled that this strategy also has “long-term consequences “.

“It is essential to accelerate the development of energy efficiency and renewable projects,” said the acting High Commissioner for Human Rights, Nada al Nashif, when taking stock this Monday of a series of emergencies worldwide.

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Al Nashif has recognized that the increase in energy prices can affect “the most vulnerable”, especially in the face of winter, but at the same time has pointed out that “there is no room to go back in the face of the current climate crisis”.

Thus, he trusts that the international community can come out with “ambitious” objectives from the next UN Conference on Climate Change (COP27), which will take place in November in Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt).

Source: Europa Press

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