NewsEuropeThe Twenty-seven agree to the suspension of the visa agreement with Russia

The Twenty-seven agree to the suspension of the visa agreement with Russia

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The countries of the European Union have agreed this Wednesday to completely suspend the visa facilitation agreement with Russia, which will mean a significant reduction in the number of permits for Russian citizens to enter the EU and more obstacles to obtaining them.

“The Member States consider that they cannot continue things as usual. We have politically agreed that something has to be done”, announced the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, in statements after the informal meeting in Prague in which the Twenty-seven have given the green light to limit visas for Russian tourists.

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As explained by the head of European diplomacy, with this step it will be “more difficult and will take more time” to obtain visas. “The number of visas will be reduced,” he advanced, stating that there is a common approach in the EU that will prevent Russian citizens from taking advantage of the lack of coordination between countries to obtain travel permits.

Likewise, regarding the visas already issued, the Member States have decided to commission the European Commission to study the situation and offer a series of guidelines to adopt possible restrictions. “There is a common understanding that they must also be addressed and this situation needs a common approach,” added Borrell.

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