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    LifestyleThe true secret formula of Coca-Cola: get 2,000 euros if you find this can

    The true secret formula of Coca-Cola: get 2,000 euros if you find this can

    Surely you have ever wondered what the secret formula of Coca-Cola is. This mystery is one of the best kept and you may never find out.

    What is clear is that it is the most famous soft drink in the world, above its most direct competitors such as Pepsi. Who has not consumed it at least once in their life? Of course, you have to do it in moderation so that your health is not affected.

    In addition, Coca-Cola is constantly renewing itself, both in the types of soft drinks and flavor, as well as in its marketing strategies, counting on famous artists such as Rosalía.

    But there is a detail of Coca-Cola that you may not know: a manufacturing fault in one of its cans can get you up to 2,000 euros.

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    This is because collectors pay good money for items they consider rare or hard to find. The same thing that happens, for example, with old coins.

    Below is shown which is the can of Coca-Cola with which you will win up to 2,000 euros in an online auction.

    If you find this can of Coca-Cola you can get 2,000 euros

    From now on, every time you go to drink a Coca-Cola, you have to pay attention to the following detail: if the can is empty and closed, don’t even think about throwing it away, it is a manufacturing error with which you can earn a lot of money.

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    Yeah, empty and unopened Coca-Cola cans are a highly sought-after collector’s item. For the consumer it is a nuisance, since they run out of soda due to this failure, but the error will hurt less if you organize a bid on the internet and get 2,000 euros.

    This is not a free estimate: it is the price that collectors pay for this type of can on portals like Ebay.

    This failure is due to a mismatch in the manufacturing process. The cans are filled with pressure, but without liquid, this allows the container to have the correct shape.

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    But sometimes this process fails and the cans are sent empty to distributors. It happens rarely, which is why such a can has such a high price.

    Note: the value increases if the can is old. For exampleif it was manufactured 20 years ago you can get more money. If the can is from 2022, you will not earn as much, no matter how empty and closed it is.

    In addition, it is necessary that the container is in perfect condition. Otherwise you’re not going to get as much money selling it.

    You know, the next time you find an empty, unopened can, don’t throw it away. Organize an online auction.


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