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    TechnologyThe TikTok matrix sneaks an app to edit videos among the 4 most downloaded in the world: why does CapCut triumph if nobody knows...

    The TikTok matrix sneaks an app to edit videos among the 4 most downloaded in the world: why does CapCut triumph if nobody knows about it?

    The TikTok matrix sneaks an app to edit videos among the 4 most downloaded in the world: why does CapCut triumph if nobody knows about it?

    ByteDance is a tech giant with a long history of developing apps. Its crown jewel is TikTok, the social network that has experienced meteoric growth since 2020 and has even reached 1,000 million active users worldwide. much faster than rival companies such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

    However, in 2022, another application, also from ByteDance, much less known by the general public and without making so much noise, has slipped into the top 5 of apps most downloaded in the world and is barely 2 years old: CapCut video editor.

    This app was downloaded 357 million times in 2022, according to data collected by the Apptonia platform, ahead of Snapchat or Spotify, and only behind TikTok, Instagram and WhatsApp.

    CapCut is a free all-in-one editing app with many features similar to those offered by more established and professional editing platforms like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

    The application, widespread among influencers and content creators, but also among users who want to upload their videos to both TikTok and Instagram, are experiencing a period of splendor thanks to the rise of video content, to the detriment of the fixed format.

    CapCut allows everything from cutting and changing the speed of the video, to adding hundreds of filters, templates, transitions and effects, as well as music with exclusive copyrights and automatic subtitles.

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    The success of CapCut is such that it has replaced the video editors that TikTok or Instagram themselves include by default, and has banished previous editing applications such as InShot. In Spain, CapCut is among the 12 most downloaded apps on Google Play and the AppStore, and already generates more interest than even BeReal itself, according to data from Google Trends.

    Videos exported from CapCut appear on TikTok with a link and the logo of the apps, in case the user wants to use the template used by the author of the video. If you click on that mark with the CapCut logo, it takes you out of the TikTok app and into the app. If you do not have it installed, it invites you to download it.

    Although ByteDance is a company unknown to the general public outside of the specialized technology sector in Spain, in China it is a giant that has, in addition to TikTok and its Chinese twin sister Douyin, a platform for streaming similar to Netflix called Xigua, a music service like Spotify and even a video game studio, among many other products.

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    Why is Cap Cut a success?

    Marta Baos, creator with 212,000 followers on TikTok, where she has more than 15 million likes, he met CapCut thanks to TikTok itself, since it allowed him to directly use a template to create a new video. He has been using it for about 6 months, he tells Business Insider Spain.

    “It is a very practical application, very easy to use and has many options. My favorites are the templates,” he explains to Business Insider Spain.

    I use it for practically everythingas if I have to simply trim a video for a story. I used to use Apple’s own editor, but now I do everything with CapCut.

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    However, Marta assures that she continues to use TikTok’s own video editor. “I wouldn’t say that CapCut is better than the TikTok editor, I use each one for different things. If I’m going to upload just one video for TikTok, I do it from the editor itself, which is easier and faster.”

    Another creator, Verónica Román, specialized in makeup and who has 589,000 followers on TikTok and more than 8 million likes. I like you on the social network, he has been using CapCut for more than a year.

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    “At first I found it a little difficult, I wasn’t used to editing like that. I used InShot before. But then it was all quite automatic and it’s very intuitive. I don’t use transitions and effects like that much, but I do like templates. Saves you an awful lot of time“, shares this creator with Business Insider Spain.

    Veronica also uses both the CapCut app and TikTok’s own video editor. In fact, there are rumors among the creators themselves that TikTok rewards and viralizes those videos that have been edited from its own function. “For simplicity I use TikTok, when I’m looking for more quality I go to CapCut,” she says.

    “They are rumors. They say that if you edit the videos on TikTok and put their typography and so on, it kind of boosts it in a certain way. But it is something that is not proven“, Add.

    Just in case, this creator plays trial and error. As she shares, some of her videos that have gone viral —exceeding 6 million views— have been published following that strategy that rumors tell.


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