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The Supreme Court of Peru will evaluate if it can judge Pedro Castillo during his mandate

The President of Peru, Pedro Castillo – PRESIDENCY OF PERU

The Supreme Court of Peru will evaluate on November 16 whether the president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, can or cannot be investigated by the Attorney General’s Office after being constitutionally denounced before Congress for alleged corruption.

In a virtual hearing, the Peruvian Supreme Court will analyze the appeal presented by the president in which he alleges that he cannot be tried because he has immunity as head of state, according to the RPP radio station.

The court, presided over by Supreme Judge Cesar San Martin, has arranged to notify the parties: the President of Peru and his lawyers, the Attorney General’s Office and the General Producaria del Estado.

The head of the Public Ministry, Patricia Benavides, constitutionally denounced Castillo before the country’s Congress for his alleged involvement in a corruption case.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Castillo would be the head of a criminal organization active in the Ministry of Transport and Communications in complicity with Silva, as well as with officials from Provias Nacional and Provias Descentralizado, the Presidential Office and businessmen and third parties, to favor the consortium. Puente Tarata III and other companies in public bidding processes.

After this accusation, Castillo affirmed that he is suffering political persecution, at the same time that he has denounced a “new type of coup.”

“Today we have a political Prosecutor’s Office in Peru, which far from judging the real criminals, today is doing it with the Government that has been legitimately elected by the people to lead the destinies of the country,” the president said at a press conference. , adding that “a new type of coup has begun in the country.”



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