Gaming The Suicide Squad video game is delayed again

The Suicide Squad video game is delayed again

The Suicide Squad video game is delayed again

Bad news for DC fans. The Suicide Squad video game suffers another setback before its release. This doesn’t stop.

The Suicide Squad video game has been delayed again. Kill the Justice League It’s been a long time coming out. And, although its premiere is officially scheduled for May 26, a new report states that it will not reach that date. It will not be available on the day of its official launch.

According to a new report from Bloomberg (which accurately reported on its earlier delay), The Suicide Squad video game is delayed from May to an indeterminate time at the end of the year. One of the sources in the article explains that this delay is mostly due to the need to improve certain disappointing aspects of the game and fix bugs. The gameplay itself is not being reviewed as that would take much longer.

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The public has no faith in this new video game

Said gameplay was highly criticized after the great presentation of the game in the recent State of Play of PlayStation. Many criticized the streaming service elements and the abundance of shots. Undoubtedly, solving these problems would take more than a couple of months, which explains why Bloomberg’s source claims that the delay is more due to the need to polish the Suicide Squad video game.

However, shortly after this report about the Suicide Squad video game surfaced, whistleblower Jeff Grubb, as noted by Twitter user known as Knoebelbroet, said on a podcast that he had heard that the game was delayed to 2024 and called it an “unbearable delay.” He said that his source had always been good, but he also stated that these things are hard to pin down for sure. Seen what has been seen… It seems that things are not going well with the DC Comics video game.

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