News Latin America The State of Mexico Prosecutor’s Office investigates the death of Inigo Arenas...

The State of Mexico Prosecutor’s Office investigates the death of Inigo Arenas Saiz as a homicide

The State of Mexico Prosecutor’s Office investigates the death of Inigo Arenas Saiz as a homicide

The businessman Inigo Arenas Saiz.RS

The State of Mexico Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the death of businessman Inigo Arenas Saiz as a homicide, whose body was found lifeless this Sunday outside the Black Royce, a disco-restaurant in the municipality of Naucalpan that is in the crosshairs of The authorities. At first, his owners disclaimed responsibility and assured that the victim had only drank water at his place and that they helped him when he began to feel bad. However, on Tuesday the police arrested six employees of the establishment and, in the statement issued this Thursday, they ensured that they are being investigated for their responsibility in the death of the deceased due to bronchial aspiration.

In an unusually detailed statement about the events of that night, the Prosecutor’s Office says that the employees of the premises took the victim to a private room on the ground floor of the premises, where he was accompanied by four hired dancers from Black Royce. Their names are Aritzi Abril, Ana Karen, Cecilia and Ana Karen again, according to the names provided by the authority. These women “ordered drinks and supplied substances to the victim”, which are still being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office to determine their origin. Later, Arenas pays an exorbitant amount for the four bottles they ordered, 40,000 pesos according to Millenniumand still on the premises.

The 6 arrested for the death of businessman Inigo Arenas.FGJ

Approximately 40 minutes after paying, one of the women told the security officer that the victim was “unwell” and had turned “purple.” The authorities assure, according to the testimonies collected, that an employee performed Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on him, but it did not work, Arenas was still unconscious, so they took the body to the emergency door of the premises and called the emergency service. The victim did not have her phone on top of her. It was turned off at 5:09 in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office and turned on again at 6:41 that same Sunday in Santa Martha Acatitla, far from where Arenas’s body was.

In the room where the deceased was, they found pills and envelopes with cocaine, containers for the application of drops and recordings that make the authorities think that illegal acts committed “on other occasions” were committed in the place. In addition to the women, Eduardo and Carlos Daniel, workers at the establishment, were also arrested. Several media outlets have been sharing information about an alleged mafia of female dancers from Mexico City who took advantage of the state in which their clients arrived at this type of nightclub to drug them and extort money from them.



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