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The Spanish video game Blade of Darkness comes to Nintendo Switch after turning 20 years since its launch

Blade of Darkness is coming to the Nintendo Switch. -QUBICGAMES

The Spanish video game Blade of Darkness arrives remastered for the Nintendo Switch by the developer QubicGameswhich returns it to the consoles renewed and updated after turning twenty years since its launch for PC.

Blade of Darkness, titled Blade – The Edge of Darkness at its inception, has established itself as a action adventure classic that already reappeared for the Steam platform last year and that, now, can be purchased on the Nintendo eShop for 8.63 euros (14.39 euros after the offer period for the launch).

This updated version maintains the premise of save the world from the forces of Chaos. To do this, it offers four playable characters: Tukaram, the barbarian; Naglfar the Dwarf; Sargon, the Knight; or Zoe, the Amazon. Each one has certain characteristics that imply different fighting skillsas well as weaknesses and strengths.

In addition, it maintains its essence of bloody combat with combo attacks that allow for actions such as cutting off opponents’ limbs and using them as weapons. all of it developed in a fantasy world Dark in which the protagonist will have to face orcs, trolls, demons and other malevolent creatures, in spaces such as tombs, fortresses, deserts or palaces.

Despite the renewal in many aspects of the game, continues to reflect a low resolution texture. However, if you use the real time lighting and realistic shadow fluidity, as well as good stage design.

Blade of Darkness, which was released for PC in the year 2001 and developed by Rebel Act Studioswas a milestone in the Spanish video game for becoming one of the most ambitious works of the moment.

In this sense, QubicGames has shown its satisfaction for bringing it back. “We are pleased to revive Blade of Darkness, an enduring classic that, at the time of its release, inspired many games in the action-adventure genre through its approach to combat,” the developer said on the Nintendo page.



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