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    NewsAsiaThe South Korean Justice accuses one of the opposition leader's closest allies of corruption

    The South Korean Justice accuses one of the opposition leader’s closest allies of corruption

    Archive – Lee Jae Myung, leader of the opposition Democratic Party of South Korea – -/YNA/dpa – Archive

    The South Korean Justice has accused of corruption this Friday the person considered the right hand of the leader of the opposition Democratic Party, Lee Jae Myung, for having received alleged bribes in the framework of a real estate scandal.

    The Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office has indicted Jeong Jin Sang, Lee’s deputy chief of staff, after allegedly receiving around 240 million won (about 174,000 euros) from real estate developers in exchange for business favors, according to the Yonhap news agency.

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    Jeong, who has been remanded in custody, is also accused of destroying evidence after telling former acting president of Seongnam Urban Development Yoo Dong Gyu, involved in the corruption case, to throw his cell phone out of the window when prosecutors searched his home. in September of last year.

    Lee’s deputy chief of staff was arrested on November 19. Jeong accused the Prosecutor’s Office of fabricating the charges and also the state’s lawyers for behaving in a manner “like when the military was in power” during the 1960s.

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    The South Korean Justice is investigating whether the money was used to finance Lee’s presidential campaign in the opposition party’s elections in November, in which he ran against his rival, Yoon Seok Youl, the other candidate for the Korean presidency. South for the Democratic Party.

    Lee, who was the mayor of Seongnam, south of Seoul, and governor of Gyeonggi, South Korea’s most populous province, has previously denied committing any wrongdoing, while several people close to him face a police investigation. for this corruption case.

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