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    TechnologyThe Snipping app for Windows 11 incorporates a screen recorder

    The Snipping app for Windows 11 incorporates a screen recorder

    Snipping Tool for Windows 11 with Screen Recorder -MICROSOFT

    Microsoft has announced an update to the Snipping tool for the Windows 11 operating system with which it introduces a function to record the screen, and which is already available in the Insider program.

    Snipping is a Windows 11 application that allows you to perform screenshots, either in full or a part of it, make changes to this snapshot and share or print it.

    Currently, it includes among the options offered different cropping modes and the possibility of postpone trimming from the screen for three to ten seconds. As a novelty, Microsoft has announced the integration of a screen recording function.

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    Is screen recorder It has been included in the Snipping app update (v11.2211.35.0), which has already begun to be distributed in the developer channel of the Windows Insider program.

    “The Snipping Tool has always made capturing and sharing content from your PC quick and easy, and with built-in screen recording, we’re extending these capabilities to more types of content,” the company said on its official website.

    The recording will be available at a new button which will appear next to cropping modes, and will allow you to select the entire screen or parts of it for recording. Once done, you can access a preview before before saving or sharing it.

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