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The sister of local deputy Christian Von Roehrich was arrested for the “case of the real estate cartel” in the Benito Juarez mayor’s office

Sofia Soraya Von Roehrich, during her detention in Queretaro, this Sunday.FGJ

The sister of local deputy Christian Von Roehrich was arrested this Sunday afternoon in the State of Queretaro for the real estate cartel case Sofia Soraya Von Roehrich de la Isla, 50 years old and a publicist by profession, was arrested by agents of the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office in the framework of investigations for corruption through real estate in the Benito Juarez mayor’s office. The authorities are investigating a network linked to the National Action Party (PAN) that granted permits to real estate companies to build more than what is allowed by law in exchange for receiving apartments or money, and then laundered the money generated from the properties through companies. of paper that were dedicated to something else.

The arrest was reported this Sunday by the Prosecutor’s Office, which has said that the woman faces charges for “her possible participation in the commission of the crime of criminal association, related to the case of corruption in real estate in Benito Juarez.” Sofia Soraya is the second of the Von Roehrich family to be singled out. In the past, the Prosecutor’s Office obtained an arrest warrant against her brother Christian de ella, deputy of the Congress of Mexico City and the former mayor of the mayor’s office Benito Juarez. Since then, the politician has been wanted by the courts for illegal use of powers and criminal association.

The Public Ministry opened an investigation in August 2021 into some PAN leaders and officials who had worked in the different administrations of this party in that territorial demarcation in the last 15 years. The hypothesis that the authorities have maintained until now, and that they will have to prove before a judge, is that they allowed an illegal urban development boom to take place in the Benito Juarez mayor’s office, which they have governed for more than 20 years, and benefited economically from this. In some specific cases, the Prosecutor’s Office tries to demonstrate that the officials allowed the construction companies to build more houses than those allowed by law in exchange for receiving part of those properties as bribes.

Von Roehrich’s sister is linked to the network, according to the investigation to which this newspaper has had access, through a company called Construcciones y Desarrollos Virtuales SA de CV, based in the municipality of Naucalpan, in the State of Mexico. . The company was created on November 13, 2002 by Juan Martin Aridjis, brother of one of the detainees, together with Ana Guadalupe Munoz. This company, dedicated to “the execution, advice, supervision and administration by contract or on its own account of all kinds of construction projects of public and private works” in addition to the purchase and sale of real estate, had Nicias at one time and at least one other of his brothers as legal guardians.

According to the information published in the Public Registry of Commerce, in 2018, when Christian Von Roehrich ended his government at the head of the Benito Juarez mayor’s office, his sister was appointed attorney-in-fact and sole administrator of Construcciones y Desarrollos Virtuales SA de CV, instead of of Juan Martin Aridjis in an assembly held in December of that year. “C. Sofia Soraya Von Roehrich de la Isla is appointed as sole administrator of the company, who, being present, accepted the position and protested to perform it faithfully and legally,” the document says. The woman herself left that position in March 2021, just a few months before the investigation of the network began.

Among the other detainees so far are three former officials, Ismael “N”, Jose Ramon “N” and Alejandro “N”, who have been accused of irregular hiring after the 2017 earthquake. According to the Public Ministry, they granted about 207 million pesos to alleged shell companies for demolition and maintenance work on affected public buildings. Adelaida Garcia Gonzalez, general director of Urban Works, Development and Services at the mayor’s office between 2019 and 2022, was also arrested for her probable participation in the crime of illegal use of powers and powers in a gang.

Among those who are fugitives from justice are the local deputy Christian Von Roehrich; Emilio Sordo Zabay, former director of Urban Development in that demarcation, and Victor Manuel Mendoza Acevedo, current director of Planning, Development and Participation of the Benito Juarez, and brother of the PAN deputy in Mexico City Luis Alberto Mendoza. In addition, Cesar “N”, who attended the window of the delegation in which construction permits were processed, and Elvia “N”, an administrative manager, are also being sought, both for the crimes of extortion and improper exercise of public service.



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