News USA The Republicans advance that it will not be a “priority” in the...

The Republicans advance that it will not be a “priority” in the House to investigate Trump for the use of secret material

Former US President Donald Trump. – C-SPAN / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACT PHOTO

The new Republican leadership of the House of Representatives has ruled out that the legislative investigation into the classified material found in the search of former President Donald Trump’s mansion in Florida is a priority issue for the new Congress that emerged after the midterm elections. .

Kentucky Rep. Jim Comer, who is expected to chair the House Oversight Committee, has said that while they have requested information about the status of that investigation, it “will not be a priority.”

“We are waiting to see what comes out of that,” Comer said on CNN, who has assured that he was not “much” interested in the “dramas” of the previous administration, in relation to the last steps of this legislative commission.

In parallel to the investigation launched by the United States Department of Justice, a special commission of the House of Representatives is carrying out its own to find out the scope of the sensitive documentation that was in the hands of Trump.

A few months ago, Democrats asked the National Archives to certify that Trump had turned over all presidential records that were “illegally” removed from the White House offices.



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