News World The relatives of the Colombian brothers dispute their custody

The relatives of the Colombian brothers dispute their custody

The relatives of the Colombian brothers dispute their custody

The father and maternal grandparents claim custody of the four siblings who survived 40 days in the Amazon jungle. The children waited for help by the plane for four days before starting to walk.

Hungry and dehydrated, but alive after forty days wandering through a jungle fraught with danger. The story of the four indigenous brothers, between the ages of 11 months and 13 years, who survived a plane crash, saw their mother die and marched for weeks through the jungle until they were rescued has brought tears to Colombia and the world.

But the end of this story, worthy of the most incredible movie script, is not as happy as one might think. The father of two of the youngest children and the maternal grandparents are now fighting for custody of the minors.

On Sunday, the children’s maternal grandfather Narciso Mucutuy accused the father, Manuel Ranoque of beating his daughterMagdalena Mucuty, and told reporters that the children hid in the woods when fights broke out.

Ranoque acknowledged to reporters that there had been problems at home, but called it a private family matter and not “gossip for the world.”

When asked if he had assaulted his wife, Ranoque replied: “Verbally, sometimes, yes. Physically, very little. We had more verbal fights.”

Ranoque said she has not been allowed to see the two older children at the hospital. Caceres declined to comment on the reasons.

The well-being of children is a priority

Adriana Velasquez, deputy director of the Colombian Institute for Family Well-being, told the press that the priority will always be the well-being of children:

“Children are protected, cared for and loved so that their health improves. Later we will see what measures the family ombudsman adopts”Velasquez said.

The siblings remain hospitalized while the Colombian child protection agency interviews family members and determines who should take care of them.

Closely watched by medical personnel, the four brothers recover from the trauma by drawing, reading and doing things typical of their age and modern life, perhaps unaware that they are still alive thanks to the ancestral knowledge that their grandmother passed on to them.

The children stayed near the plane for four days waiting for help

Meanwhile, more details are emerging about how the children survived in the jungle. According to their grandfather, Narciso Mucutuy, the brothers waited for four days near the plane for help, but when they saw that it did not arrive, they began to walk to try to get out of there.

“They stayed around the plane for four days waiting to see if someone could come to pick them up.”said the grandfather, who added that since no one found them, they began to walk “paths towards the mountains.”

In statements released by the Ministry of Defense, Mucutuy assured that this was told to him by Lesly, the eldest of the four children, who also told him that after leaving the plane they were walking aimlessly and every night they left clues in the places where they slept, in case someone was looking for them.

The 13-year-old girl Lesly has been praised as the heroine of this story of human improvement because it was she who, with her knowledge of the jungle, was in charge of taking care of her brothers Soleiny Mucutuy, 9, for 40 days; Tien Noriel Ranoque Mucutuy, five years old, and Cristin Neruman Ranoque, a one-year-old baby.

Lesly, a 13-year-old hero

The minor also told her grandfather that they survived the first days in the jungle eating “farina”, a flour made with cassava that is a traditional food of the indigenous people of the Amazon.

After the accident, and seeing that the rescue had not arrived, Lesly took the farina out of the suitcase, one of the three adults who were traveling with them on the Cessna 206 plane and who perished in the incident that occurred on May 1 in the jungle between the departments of Caqueta and Guaviare.

According to Manuel Ranoque, father of the two minor children, Lesly told him that her mother “She was alive for four days” and before dying he told them “go away” looking for help.

The four minors were found on Friday in a remote part of the jungle where some 200 soldiers searched for them tirelessly for weeks, including commandos from the Army Special Forces, and indigenous people from the area, all of whom were part of “Operation Hope.”

After the rescue, they were transferred by helicopter of the Colombian Air Force (FAC) to San Jose del Guaviare, the capital of Guaviare, where a C-295 plane configured as an ambulance picked them up and took them to Bogota.

How to keep a one year old alive

The grandfather related that Lesly made the one-year-old baby give up the bottle, because “I gave it a little bit until it was over”after which he began to give him only water.

“At the time they were found, (Lesly) says that he could no longer walk. She was already very tired, very tired. So they huddled in one place and sat down. She had the little girl between her legs when they found them.“Mucutuy said.

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