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    NewsLatin AmericaThe regime of Daniel Ortega begins the confiscation of the houses of the opponents stripped of their nationality

    The regime of Daniel Ortega begins the confiscation of the houses of the opponents stripped of their nationality

    Nicaraguan journalist Sofia Montenegro.RR SS

    The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo has begun this Friday night the first confiscations of the real estate of the 94 opponents whom it stripped of their nationality on February 15, and whom it declared “traitors to the homeland.” The first property occupied was that of the journalist and feminist Sofia Montenegro, a small apartment located in Reparto San Juan, in the capital Managua. The condominium is called Amazonia.

    According to the police sources consulted by EL PAIS, officials from the Property Administration together with officials seized the property of the renowned intellectual. But they were not limited to that. Despite the fact that Montenegro was the only defendant in that group of houses, the Sandinista authorities informed the residents of the condominium that her houses were also confiscated. All the apartments were declared property of the State and the owners were notified that if they want to continue living in them they must pay a rental fee of 500 dollars to the State.

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    Other properties have also been taken this Friday. Officials from the Property Administration have come to carry out the confiscations accompanied by police officers, as well as people from the Cadastre, who identify each private home. “In some places they go with topographers making measurements,” a source from the Managua mayor’s office told EL PAIS.

    EL PAIS is aware of other confiscations in progress tonight, although denatured exiles prefer not to comment to “protect their relatives” who inhabit the properties in Nicaragua. The confiscatory day remembers The pinata, the case of corruption and appropriation of public and private assets by the Sandinista leaders before leaving power in 1990.

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    On February 15, in an extension of the measure imposed against the 222 political prisoners exiled to the United States, the regime ordered the removal of the nationality of 94 Nicaraguans. These people lose their rights as nationals, in addition to being declared fugitives from justice, and the confiscation of their assets is ordered. The list issued by the Nicaraguan justice system includes journalists, former diplomats, activists, human rights defenders, former deputies, former guerrillas, religious leaders, as well as prominent writers such as Sergio Ramirez Mercado and Gioconda Belli.

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