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The public sector relies on the hybrid cloud and multicloud “to be more sustainable and provide better service to citizens”

Archive – Jorge Vazquez, General Manager of Nutanix in Spain and Portugal – NUTANIX – Archive

Public entities have learned in recent months that business continuity is possible outside the office with the right tools. For this reason, they have accelerated their digital transformation projects to improve citizen service, but “this movement will generate a greater demand for automated and data-based processes”, as explained by Jorge Vazquez, general director of Nutanix in Spain and Portugal. .

In this new context, the cloud infrastructures have become “the key to innovation” and “are helping to leave behind the ties of traditional IT environments, which are slower, more complex and inefficient”. This is how Vazquez interprets it, who affirms that public administrations and companies will be able to bet on the hybrid cloud and ‘multicloud’, the databases as a service, subscription models or access to ‘software’ as a service (SaaS).

“All these technologies will provide flexibility, help to provide a better service to the citizen, will allow cost savings (pay per use) and, of course, will prioritize energy efficiency and will contribute to building a more sustainable society”, reiterates the manager through a release.

During this year 2022 is taking place the definitive takeoff of the hybrid cloud and ‘multicloud’. In fact, according to the latest Enterprise Cloud Index study, the adoption of ‘multicloud’ models will reach 64 percent in the next three years. Likewise, 87 percent of those surveyed believe that their success will depend largely on the simplification of management between infrastructures made up of different clouds and 83 percent agree that the hybrid multicloud model is the most suitable for doing facing its main challenges.

The key to this growth lies -in Vazquez’s opinion- mainly in the benefits provided by these models in the cloud: “From security, to cost, interoperability and application mobility, the latter two being very important for all types of entities”. Companies and administrations have to be able to expand and reduce the use of their applications as customer demand also varies and, for this, they need to have an infrastructure that is capable of to move them easily between clouds and technological environments.”Flexibility and freedom of choice must be an essential requirement in the IT departments of these organizations,” he adds.

Institutions such as the Social Security Information Technology Management (GISS), the Public University of Navarra (UPNA) or the Health Services of Castilla-La Mancha (SESCAM) and Andalusia (SAS), the City Councils of Lloret de Mar, Vilafranca del Penedes and Las Rozas, or the Testing and Validation Center (CEPRUVAL) of the Army, have already placed their trust in this type of solution.

In order to get these projects off the ground, Nutanix has chosen Barcelona as headquarters to locate the new European Center of Excellence of the company for the entire Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. This Center, located in the Mapfre Tower, is equipped with the latest technologies, represents public support for the country’s results in terms of growth in the number of customers (14 percent in the third quarter of 2022) and will help administrations public and Spanish companies to accelerate your digital transformation plans and facilitate the execution of hybrid ‘multicloud’ strategies.

In this context, the subscription model and access to ‘software’ as a service (SaaS) is presented as a “great advantage” by “democratizing technology” and “making available to any institution all the tools that previously could only be afforded big organizations.” “All companies, regardless of their budgets or the resources available to their IT departments, need more than anyone else to optimize costs, and SaaS is always synonymous with savings“, they add from Nutanix.

Public administrations are also working to accelerate their journey to the cloud. The move to the cloud, like any other momentous business decision, must be in response to the needs and expectations of the relevant applications and data that it makes sense to cover. Here the Nutanix manager highlights the role of security, a “very important” asset that “must be incorporated as a native component in order to get the most out of workloads or applications.”

All this, without losing sight of the fact that the simpler the experience for those who manage the transition to the new cloud models, the more chances of success the project will have. “Nutanix was born with the vocation of simplifying IT infrastructures and will continue working to make available to public administrations an intelligent digital infrastructure that is flexible, sustainable, efficient, scalable, capable of being implemented in just a few days, in any location and with a pay-per-use model,” concludes Vazquez.

Source: Europa Press



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