NewsUSAThe pro-Israel organization that awarded Trump earlier this month now condemns his meeting with Nick Fuentes

The pro-Israel organization that awarded Trump earlier this month now condemns his meeting with Nick Fuentes

Former United States President Donald Trump. – C-SPAN / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACT PHOTO

The Zionist Organization USA has condemned former President Donald Trump’s meeting with Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes at the Mar-a-Lago mansion just weeks after awarding the former president for his support of Israel and the Jews.

The organization has released a statement in which it says it “deplores” Trump’s meeting with Fuentes and reminds the former president of his words during a speech in 2019 in which he encouraged not to ignore “the vile poison of anti-Semitism” and those who ” spread their poisonous creed.”

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In this sense, the American Zionist collective has called on Trump to “live up to his own words” and to condemn “in the strongest terms” both the rapper Kanye West -also present at the meeting- and Fuentes for his anti-Semitic stances.

“His dinner with those who hate the Jews helps to legitimize and generalize anti-Semitism and must be condemned by all,” the Zionist Organization of the United States has transferred, as reported by The Hill.

Trump received the Theodor Herzl Gold Medal earlier this month in recognition of his support for Israel and the Jews, and the organization even praised him as “the best friend Israel has ever had in the White House.”

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On Tuesday of last week, Trump held a private dinner at his lavish Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida, which was attended not only by Fuentes, but also by rapper Kanye West, who was recently involved in a new controversy, this time for anti-Semitic comments.

Fuentes is a recognized white supremacist who has been banned from various social media platforms for his racist rhetoric. In turn, he has also endorsed Donald Trump’s theories on electoral fraud and could be seen on the Capitol grounds during that January 6, 2021 in which a mob tried to stop the peaceful transfer of presidential power.

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Trump himself acknowledged on his social network –Truth Social– the celebration of that dinner, although he said that it was something “unexpected”, since Kanye West appeared with three of his friends, “of whom he knew nothing”, and he has even stated that he “did not know” Fuentes.


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