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The President of Peru testifies before the Prosecutor for alleged corruption but refuses to answer questions

Pedro Castillo, President of Peru – PRESIDENCY OF PERU

The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, has declared before the Prosecutor’s Office for the alleged crimes of corruption that are attributed to him, although the president has also availed himself of his right not to answer the questions asked by the Public Ministry.

Castillo has attended the appointment with the Prosecutor’s Office to answer for the alleged cases of corruption within the state oil company Petroperu and a series of works awarded by the Ministry of Housing.

According to the explanations of Castillo’s lawyer, Benji Espinoza, the president has made an “open, clear and spontaneous” statement in which he has taken the opportunity to “proclaim his innocence in each case”, although later the head of state has opted for “reserve” their answers to the questions of the Prosecutor’s Office.

“Rather than silence, what the president has done is reserve a statement for later (…) Everything has its time. The time will come for the president to give all the explanation, but that time is not today, it is not now “, Espinoza has detailed, according to the Peruvian radio station RPP.

Finally, the lawyer has assured that his client denies any type of responsibility in the crimes of which he is accused. “Of course the accusations are serious, but more than serious they are unfounded and that time will determine because the hypotheses that the Prosecutor’s Office has will not be able to confirm them,” he has settled.

This same Tuesday, the Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office has included the Prime Minister, Anibal Torres, and the Minister of Justice and Rights, Felix Chero, in the investigation that follows the alleged crimes of criminal organization and personal cover-up of President Castillo.

In this way, Torres and Chero have joined the case being investigated by the special team against corruption of the Prosecutor’s Office and for which the fugitive former head of the Transport and Communications portfolio, Juan Silva, is already being investigated.

Likewise, they are added to the open case against Castillo to place people they trust in key positions. This investigation against the president began after the departure of Mariano Gonzalez from the Ministry of the Interior, who accused Castillo of obstructing justice.

Source: Europa Press



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