NewsMiddle EastThe president of Lebanon asks to reveal "the whole truth" about the explosions in the port of Beirut

The president of Lebanon asks to reveal “the whole truth” about the explosions in the port of Beirut

Archive – View of the material damage caused by the explosion in the port of the capital, Beirut – Marwan Tahtah/APA Images via ZUM / DPA – File


The president of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, has demanded this Thursday that “the whole truth” be revealed about the explosions of August 4, 2020 in the port of Beirut, which left more than 220 dead and enormous material damage in the capital.

“Two years after the August 4 tragedy, I share the sorrow of the families of the victims and the injured, as well as the families of those detained,” Aoun said in a message posted on his online account. socialTwitter.

“I guarantee my commitment to achieving justice through the revelation of the whole truth by an impartial judicial process that goes to the end, away from any fraud or injustice,” he said.

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Thus, the Lebanese president has defended that this process is necessary so that “all those who are shown to be involved are held accountable.” “No one is above the law,” he stressed, amid complaints from the families of the victims about the blocking of investigations.

For its part, the Hezbollah Shiite militia party has called for a “fair” investigation and has stressed that “Lebanon and its people are still suffering from the national tragedy, which struck the heart of the country.”

“Hezbollah renews its deep condolences to the families of the martyrs, regardless of their sect and nationality, and we convey our sincere sympathy to the injured and those whose property was damaged,” he said.

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However, Hezbollah has denounced the “enormous political and media campaigns” of the last two years and has criticized that “unfounded accusations” have been made against the group that “have led to local tensions that have brought Lebanon to the brink of dangerous instability. “.

“We demand a fair and transparent investigation, according to the basic legal norms, far from any politicization, double standards and sectarian instigation. We believe that only justice can calm souls and consolidate stability in the country,” the group has settled, according to picked up by the Lebanese television network Al Manar, linked to Hezbollah.

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Tensions around the investigations reached a new high on October 14, 2021, when at least seven people died in clashes amid a demonstration in Beirut to demand the resignation of Judge Tarek Bitar, as part of a campaign of criticism by Hezbollah and AMAL against him.

Popular unrest has been on the rise in recent months due to the blocking of investigations and the delays in withdrawing the immunity of former ministers and parliamentarians whom the Bitar has summoned to testify in the framework of the investigations, including Eñ former Prime Minister Hassan Diab, who resigned after the blasts.


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