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    The PRD points to the rupture of ‘Va por Mexico’ if the PRI provokes the extension of the military presence in the streets

    The national leader of the PRD, Jesus Zambrano, during a meeting of the Va por Mexico alliance.Galo Canas (Cuartoscuro)

    The president of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), Jesus Zambrano, has predicted that the opposition coalition Va Por Mexico could break if the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) does not withdraw the initiative to extend the military presence in Mexico until the year 2028. The group is in a temporary suspension since, last Wednesday, Zambrano and the leader of the National Action Party (PAN), Marko Cortes, announced their dissatisfaction with the PRI’s decision.

    The leader of the PRD defended that the decision to expand the presence of the Army should not be negotiated until the year in which the Constitution indicates it, 2024, when the mandate of the president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, ends. “In no way are we closed to negotiations, this discussion can take place at the time it would have been required to see what was going to follow,” said the party leader.

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    In an interview in LatinusZambrano assured that the responsibility is “absolute of the PRI” and that it was an initiative that came “by surprise”. “One of the pillars on which the coalition is based is broken: the agreements or fundamental aspects,” said the leader, who points out that, from the tricolor party, they are promoting decisions that have “deeply” hurt the trust built in the coalition. in the last two years.

    The PRD leader criticized that with his initiative the PRI is doing a “favor” to the formation of the Mexican president, who, as he indicated, “are delighted” in what he pointed out as support in his route “towards militarization.” “What is underway is a ‘dictatorship’ that is settling in the military,” Zambrano said in an interview on radio image.

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    The extension of the militarization has led the coalition to place itself, in the words of Zambrano, in a “delicate” situation. The delivery of the National Guard to the Secretary of Defense last Thursday increased the distrust of the PRD. The president of the formation showed his concern about the situation of the civil security body. Zambrano assured that the military support until 2014 was carried out to have a “consolidated” National Guard, and criticized that there was no “criticism” before the decision made by Lopez Obrador two years before the end of the Army’s presence period.

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    Cortes, leader of the PAN, who was also in Latinus, showed his discontent online with Zambrano, assuring that, if the initiative is not withdrawn, the coalition would become “definitively suspended.” “He caught us by surprise and through the back door,” said Cortes. The PAN leader maintained that, since its formation, they defend that security “always go through a national police.” “The National Guard today is military, and that is unconstitutional, we ask that the Army act only when the police are overwhelmed in specific circumstances, and only temporarily,” said Cortes.

    The Va por Mexico parties came together in 2020 as opposition to the “Together We Make History” coalition, made up of Morena, the Labor Party, and the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico.

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