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    BusinessThe PP proposes to reduce electricity and gas bills by 2,900 million for families and SMEs that save

    The PP proposes to reduce electricity and gas bills by 2,900 million for families and SMEs that save

    The PP Deputy Secretary of Economy, Juan Bravo, during the presentation of the ‘Energy Rescue Plan for Families and Companies’ prepared by the party, at the PP headquarters, on Genova street, on September 12, 2022. – DIEGO CRESPO

    The Deputy Secretary of Economy of the PP, Juan Bravo, has presented this Monday the energy proposal of the formation in the framework of the current crisis and has indicated that one of the measures that they propose is to discount the electricity and gas bill to families and SMEs that reduce their consumption, a measure with which these groups could save up to 2,900 million euros.

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    Regarding the electricity bill, it states that if the savings in consumption is between 3% and 7% in relation to the bill for the same month of the previous year, the discount would be 5%. If the reduction in consumption is between 7% and 15%, the discount would be 10% and if it were higher, the bonus would be 20%.

    Likewise, the discount on the gas bill would be 10% if the savings are between 3% and 7%; 20% if consumption is reduced between 7% and 15% and for those consumers who managed to reduce their consumption by more than 15%, the bonus would be 40%.

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    In this sense, Bravo has stressed that the PP’s proposal to reduce energy consumption is to “incentivize” it, instead of “prohibiting it”, alluding to the efficiency measures proposed by the PSOE, such as turning off shop windows from 22.00 at night or the maximum and minimum temperatures of the thermostats.

    As for the reason why the discounts are higher on the gas bill, the PP Deputy Secretary of Economy explained that it is because the main problem at the moment has to do with the price of gas.

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    On the other hand, from the PP they calculate that the savings that families and SMEs would entail, if an average saving of between 7% and 15% were achieved, would be around 2,900 million euros.

    Source: Europa Press


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